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June 29, 2008



You're right, the photo doesn't do it justice. It would be like a dressing gown on me!

It's lovely. And having knitted up Cocoon myself-- I know the lustre that the fabric has.

Since it has such lovely drape-- have you considered omitting the pockets and toggles and maybe a few well placed discreet buttons. Not unlike "flicca" (on Ravelry, design by Anna Bell)

I love that design.. and its long just like yours will turn out.


for the last year or 2 i've been thinking i really want to make the EZ aran coat........not alot of helpout there. And as you said her patterns leave alot up to the knitter. As a fairly ne knitter I'm pretty nervous about starting someeting like this. I'll follow your progress.


I used Rowan Cocoon to knit an Einstein Coat. It is beautiful, but sheds a lot...do you have any tricks to stop the shedding? The fibers get all over my clothes. Thanks.

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