I am a Brit abroad, which basically means I'm from the UK and now live in Western Australia. I moved from London to Australia in 1999, due to meeting my now husband on the internet (he's also English). After working in Marketing all my life, I decided to change my career and open an online yarn store. The Wool Shack has been running since January 2001, and it really is a dream job. I have a small person, his name is Joseph and he was born in June 2002 (he's lovely). I also have 3 more small people, Luka, born 17th December 2004, Charlie, born 22nd November 2006 & the beautiful Isobel, born 26th September 2008. My big man is Ross, and he's fab! He's a web developer, hence my fabulous working site, with his own business


spinning, cooking, sewing, my ickle family, reading and other crafty things., knitting (no, really!?!)